Shortest Movies Ever!

Heard of Tropfest? It’s a huge international short film festival that started in Sydney some 20 odd years ago and right now, they are open for submission till October.

I’m aiming to enter a film to the official film festival, but in the mean time, I’m having a ton of fun just experimenting with ultra short films for another thread in the festival. They have started a 6 seconds Trop Vine festival and that ends on the 21 of sept.

I’ve got one short in the competition and just entered another one. I’m hoping they will get watched by a wider audience, and who knows, if I even have a chance.

Help me! 🙂

I entered ‘Wish Box’. Would love it if you all watched it and voted for it and really get me stuck in it. To vote, all you have to do is click on the link below, watch the 6 seconds of film and click the heart to cast your vote.

‘Wish Box’ it’s about a girl that finds an old trinket box at an apothecary and finds out it has little vials of wishes. Which would you choose?

If ‘Painted’ gets accepted then I’ll post up a link for you to enjoy that one too. I only just made it today and entered it. It’s a commentary on how much modern women feel/ or do hide behind their makeup.



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