Urged to write on, and faster!

I must chug along and getting writing with ‘A Million Smiles for June’. A dear close friend of mine has been following the tale and I was unawares. We met up for the day today after a long stretch of finding a day/date that suited us both. In just a conversation about what each other is up to lately, I was urged quite passionately to hurry up and ‘write’ the next bits in that story already!

So here I am, after midnight, about to add the finishing touches to Chapter 7 in Chad and June’s story. Especially now that I know so many people are in fact waiting for me to get on with it and give them more! Thanks Beansie!

(Don’t know what I’m talking about? My latest novel, for which I’ve been posting chapters as I write them on here. Just follow the story and hope you will like it too. The more people urge us on, the faster we writers deliver.)

Happy reading this Monday morning!


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