A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 7

For those who might have missed it on their threads. Here it is again. 🙂


Even though it’s past midnight here, I’m sticking to my promise. Here is Chapter 7, freshly typed by a sleep deprived me! Enjoy …Please do. 🙂 It would make my day! (or tomorrow, when I wake up to see all your likes and comments…Here’s to fingers crossed, even in sleep.)

WE JOIN Chad and June, after Terry’s surprise visit to Chad, where she discovers Chad is still without a story, but a wonderful tale to tell, and he must find this ‘tale’ she suddenly sees after hearing all about June…


  1. Something for the Lady

It was beginning to get dark inside when Chad finally stopped and wondered where June had disappeared to. He’d managed to write just over thousand word of gibberish, yet failing to see the entire picture of where he was going with it. He was just semi glad he had written something. He folded the laptop…

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