Something about the nerves
makes you more nervous yet
like a child staring at the deep blue
of the unknown pool
or worse yet, his trust in himself
nor the tiny air filled floaties that look desperate.
Something about the world seems out of depth
like night without a moon
where blindness becomes you.
Something about a test
takes the air hostage
and you struggle to breath
with that fluttering despaired heart
unable to fathom the reach of your own hands.


11 thoughts on “Reach

  1. Be the water rippling out, you can influence, not have to shout, be the person you wish to be, and others will note, and most will see, that you have what it takes, that’s plain to see, all you have to do, is just breathe, and if you need, lean on me.


  2. Beautifully said! I think they’re gonna drop the big one soon! You have terrific insight and your intuition is quite correct… We’re all doomed… It’s just a matter of when. Informative and wonderfully poetic blog! Cheers!


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