Crazy Evolution

A confession I make,
no human am I in a human world of late.
I do not ponder the wondrous maze,
no, I do read the faces glimpsed as a blimp,
a glitch in the organised tapestry,
no to I speak the language garbled
alien words, a stranger sound.
No, not a human I,
I see all, and hear all, disheartened
why do I care for humanity in me
when the world is all but robotic?
Faces and selfies,
Statuses in news feed,
and thumbs running rampant
those faces blending with the screen.
Humans, the next evolution, something quite orderly.
No, I am no human, not the way the trend sweeps.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Evolution

  1. Hmm, you aren’t online that much, really. AND another trend will replace this trend. I don’t know what. You should be you, of course. That’s human right there.

    Express yourself.


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