Just checking in briefly to say ‘hi’ and that I still exist and the world hasn’t swallowed me whole. 🙂

It looks like it may be a good two weeks before I can properly get back to you. Yes, that means I have two more weeks of my first ever prac teaching. Not too bad I have to say. An incredible learning curve I have to say.

So what’s this post about. Nothing much. Just to let you know you won’t get another installment of A Million Smiles for June for still some weeks. I know there are already fans out there for this novel-in-progress.

Here’s a link to the lastest chapter: A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 8 | Papermashed

Click on it. Click on it!

Hope you enjoy! And if you haven’t read it yet, I’ll be inclined to say start from Chapter 1 and work your way through. 🙂 it’s a charming story thus far.



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