Taking all the wonderful suggestions and observations, I’ve re-written the blurb for ‘Rule of Thirds’. What do you guys think? Works? Doesn’t Work? Sucks?

At 28, Ellenor Grace has suddenly become the youngest widow she knows. She also knows she’s too broken to ever be fixed.  Grieving, lonely, and most of all, unwilling to fall in love again, up and leaves the home she knows, getting away from stifling family and a mother who is trying to play cupid. With her 2 year old daughter in tow and an emotional baggage to last a lifetime, Elle heads for the sun-dried pastures of a country town. With a fresh new start and her old photography business resumed, Elle is content. Until a hot summer’s day, a client arrives at her doorstep with a proposal she’d be a fool to reject.

Oh, and I’ve been putting up chapters for ‘Rule of Thirds’ and ‘A Million Smiles for June’ on my Tablo site – makes it easier for you all to read the stories as the chapters are all in one document etc. If anyone is interested in helping me out with some edits and suggestions on these two books, especially ‘Rule of Thirds’ as I’d like to publish it soonish, that would be awesomely awesome, and I’ll give you all virtual hugs, and gratitude. 🙂


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the above Blurb. Thanks muchly! 🙂


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