Blurb experiment, number 3

Ok, literally just thought of another way to do this blurb for Rule of Thirds. Here goes, I quite like it. Would love to see how you guys like it:

Promises are made to be broken, or so goes the saying. Elle Grace has made one such promise that may prove difficult to keep despite her efforts. After all, the recently widowed young woman has vowed to never again fall in love. She has even uprooted herself and her two year old child to a country town in New South Wales in order to ensure she’ll avoid meeting men. Elle even plunges herself back into her abandoned photography business to keep herself too busy to care. That is until he walks into her life, or rather, her business one hot summer afternoon, the handsome and endearing Dean Stewart. He has a proposal she can barely refuse, even if it means she’ll struggle keeping business away from her personal life. Is Elle about to break her own promise to never love again? After all, Dean has a certain way about him.

(Also, you can read this novel as it progresses on 🙂 enjoy!


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