For the love of an Audience

Hi there,
Been a while since my last post. Real life has been crazy compared to this virtual world. I’m in the middle of organizing a Sydney premiere for my short film ‘The Circle
‘ on top of working on two shorts, two features, and two novels.

I could do with some help, honestly. So, as desperate as I am at this pressing moment with a promise to self to publish my second novel by Jan/Feb 2015, I dare say, I’m a little stressed.

For this reason, I’ve been putting up some chapters of the book on Tablo to make it easier for people to read it. So, if you love reading books, and especially ones that are romantic fiction (minus the GREY’s feel), and would love to help a fellow out, could I please ask for you to float to the other site only a click away, and have a read? Oh, you would?! 🙂 that would mean so much. Thank you!

To read the start of my next novel as I make final changes, please check it out: ‘Rule of Thirds

Thanks lovelies! You can comment on Tablo, or here on my blog. Would love to get some feedback.



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