Crowdfunding new Film venture

As you know, I write scripts. And really, I write scripts that I would want to direct if I had the money (oh, that elusive thing!). Recently, a trip had come up for some work related stuff and I thought why not, if I have time, make a movie in my spare time. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. But. Yes, there is a but. I pitched the story, which was liked, and in turn the decision to ‘let’s make it’ happened.

That decision was almost two weeks ago! Lol. I work fast, if nothing else. Between the pitching of a story-yet-to-be-written, the script has gone through few drafts, and is currently locked till just before production! Yes, I’m making another Movie!!!!

This one is called ‘Dhago’, which means thread in Nepali (my mother tongue) and few other countries around that area. It’s also a horror film loosely based around a supernatural theme. Seems I have a ‘type’ thing happening currently, with few of my recent works, produced or under development, horror in nature.

It will be the first of its kind, a collaborative short film of Asutralian-Nepali making. Not many films can claim that. If you know any one interested in supporting indie filmmaking against mass produced movies, and especially very unique stories based on cultures not readily available in mainstream western world, then please share this post with them. As a team, we are seeking financial backing/support one pledge at a time. And we would love to buy you a piece of land on the moon if we could, but what are you gonna do with that anyway?! πŸ™‚

Interested? Check out the pages below:

It’s an all or nothing situation, and the project could do with some support or word of mouth help in spreading the word.


Look at that poster! Just look at it. Ain’t she pretty? πŸ˜€ I’m a bit proud of myself for making that! Lol


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