Food for thought

I need advice. I’ve been pondering and pondering on one thing these past few months over one thing and I can’t decide what to do.

Artist are known to be broke yeah, ’cause we tend to do a lot of free work to build our portfolio. I don’t mind it so much most days, except I’ve been thinking I should start on script consultation or drafting on the side so I can make some pocket money while I build my portfolio.

So my question is, would you pay someone to go over you scripts, give you some pointers etc so that you can strengthen it before you go into production? I’m thinking I’ll start with short film scripts and move on to features. That way I’ll build on my own skills as well as lend some one an unbiased look at their work.

Good idea? I’m going to start looking at fees charged etc and design packages that suits different needs and different budgets. I need some help deciding what to do. Few friends have suggested I should do this from time to time. Help!


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