The Keeper (Part 2)

Mona looked around, wanting to find a escape somehow, somewhere, but where? She glanced fearfully at the retrieving back of Lucifer. The name sent chills down her spine.

‘Why do they call you that?’ She called out as he disappeared into the darkness. ‘Lucifer.’

‘Because that’s my name!’ His voice suddenly split behind her. She jumped up from the slab and screamed. His face loomed behind her. He stared, emerging from the darkness. Mona could hear the squeak of rusty wheels, and soon enough, the trolley he was pushing came into view. It was covered in satin cloth of gold. What was under there? Scalpels and pincers maybe? Her throat dried. Her heart pounded in her ears. She was going to be skinned alive. The thought almost made her feel feint.

‘Sit down.’ He pushed the trolley closer to her. ‘You’re more dramatic than I thought you’d be.’

Mona barely nodded and sat back down on the cold slab. The trolley was pushed right in front of her. Then he removed the satin cloth, revealing a spotless closh.

‘Eat.’ He growled, and went to turn around.

‘Wait.’ She cried out desperately. ‘Won’t you tell me where I am? And why I’m here?’

The beast turned with narrowed eyes. ‘Why aren’t you asking why I brought you here?’ She shook her head. She wasn’t sure she had the guts to ask him that. ‘You’ll know soon enough. Just eat you dinner and get ready.’

She nodded. Barely. And as he turned, she swore she could she his eyes glow red like fire. Hell fire. She glanced at the closed closh again, and thought better of it, even though she was starved.

‘Eat!’ Came the growl, harsh and very, very effective. Before Mona knew it, she was lifting the closh out of volition. What the?! Inside, was a delicious roast chiken and three veggies, with a tall glass of chilled juice, and a bowl of strawberries in yoghurt. She sniffed at the food wondering if it was poisoned. Then she picked up the fork and knife and dug in. Better die from poison than to be shredded to pieces in what awaited her beyond the darkness. And what did he mean by get ready? She assumed this was literally her last meal. She was famished and so she licked her plate clean and jumped on the tangy fruit.

To Be Continued…


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