The Keeper (Part 3)

Mona stared from her bowl of fruit unsure. Had she seen it correctly? Had there always been a dress bag next to her on the slab, or had the beastly thing brought it while she’s been too distracted by the food?

She put down the dish on the trolley and slowly rose, moving cautiously towards the bag. What could be inside other than a dress, right? She reached her hand to the zip and slowly pulled it down. Inside lay a crimson red, floor length dress with beautiful sequined emerald green bustier. And it seemed to look her size. How had he known? That thought suddenly led her to wonder how long she’d been held captive already.

She pulled the dress out and admired it. Was she some sacrificial goat? She knew some cultures back in dark ages used to adorn their sacrificial offerings to some invisible God they prayed to. Was she that?

‘Gods don’t descend down here,’ the unmistakable low growl of Lucifer lurked once more behind her. She turned almost jumping out of her skin. If he was making a habit out of creeping up behind her, she pretty much deduced that that was how she was going to go out. Not flayed, not burned, no, no torture at all, but a simple matter of a heart attack.

Her mouth slowly opened in what she could only say was shock. Lucifer stood there in what looked like an intricately made royal attire of the 1800s. Velvet, gold ornaments and black trouser that were all regal.

‘I trust you were happy with your meal?’

Mona nodded. She couldn’t process the image fast enough. ‘Are we going somewhere?’ She mumbled in astonishment.

He smiled, a smile that was almost human. ‘A ball, my lady.’

Mona felt herself frown at him. This was all about some silly ball? Was he in a costume?

‘Jared, is that you?’ She asked almost laughing. ‘Is this some kind of a candid camera thing? Who put you up to this? Leanne?’

Lucifer stood there quietly. ‘Jared is the one you fancy, it is not?’

Mona’s jaw dropped and her candor vanished as quickly as it had raised it’s head. ‘You’re not Jared?’

He shook his head and stood at attention. ‘People call me Lucifer, among many other names. You may call me whatever you please.’

Mona couldn’t think of any reason why she’d need to call him by any other name, or a name at all. ‘A ball?’ He nodded.

‘I’ll be back in 10 minutes to fetch you.’ He turned, wheeling the trolley away, vanishing once more into the ever present darkness.

Was there a door there just beyond her eyesight? Mona curiously stepped towards it, and as the darkness moved back and what little light in the room followed her, she happened upon another slab very similar to her own. And she couldn’t help but scream. A scream that echoed and echoed beyond the darkness that kept at bay.

There upon the slab was something she’d never thought she’d see. Her own body, lifeless. Mona screamed once more before she felt the rush of air pass her ears, the darkness move in, and the floor slip from under her feet. She wasn’t going to die today. No.

She was already dead!

To Be Continued…

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