The Keeper (Part 1)

‘Well, hello there,’ a deep voice said slowly, calculative from the dark recess of the room as soon as Mona opened her eyes. She could feel the cold wet slab of concrete beneath her shoulders, the sound of moisture dripping incessantly somewhere to her left. Her eyes barely adjusted to the ill lit room. At least she thought it was a room. That was till she pushed herself up in a sitting position. She looked out to where the voice seemed to have come from. She peered at it. Slowly, the room started taking shape; a large bricked dome covered with moss and wetness. The air was cold and she could hear the distant rushing of water. They were somewhere in the underground.

‘Where am I?’ Her voice croaked out as if she hadn’t spoke in days, barely audible. In fact, her last memory was of Monday night, late after work and she had been the only other passenger awaiting a train in the subway. It was 11:38PM to be precise, because she had looked at her watch. ‘Where am I?’ She asked again, bolder.

She couldn’t remember anything beyond having looked at her watch. Had she blacked out? Did someone bring her here? Kidnap her perhaps? And that’s when panic suddenly gripped her. She hadn’t been nervous earlier, but now, she could barely breathe.

‘Just breathe.’ The voice floated calmly to her again from the darkness. And so she did. One deep breathe. Two deep breathe. Three.

‘Who are you?’ She asked shakily. Not knowing that in a second, she was going to regret having ever asked that question in the first place. What stepped out from the shadows arrested the exhaling breath in her throat, and she suddenly coughed violently. Holy Mother of God!

The thing smiled. Yes the thing, for Mona had no words to describe the creature that looked like a man, but nothing like a human. His skin was scaly, his eyes red as blood, his hair had a hint of horns to them, and his canines sharp as a knife.

His smile widened as he took another step closer. ‘I don’t know about Gods, but you may call me Lucifer.’

Mona could feel the burning in her chest from lack of breathing. How did he know what she was thinking?

‘Mona, Mona, Mona.’ He clicked his tongue and stepped closer still. ‘I know a lot more than that.’ He leaned in closer, stooping to her eye level. ‘Just breathe.’

Mona pulled in a sharp breath and stared, feeling tears sting her eyes. She was going to die, wasn’t she?

He stood back up and simply smiled.

To Be Continued…


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