The Keeper (Part 4)

When Mona came to the second time, she was no longer surrounded by darkness, not entirely. This time, she had been placed carefully on the slab covered in cloth. The dome was lit better, and she could see a trail of flame torches leading away into a dark tunnel or corridor. She sat up, unable to shake off the creepiness that had spilled over her. Was it still the same room? Was there really another slab with her body atop it?

She went to slid down to the ground when suddenly her feet snagged on garment. She looked down to her feet, hidden behind crimson skirt of the dress she had seen earlier. Upon careful inspection, she was in fact wearing the dress, and yes, it was a perfect fit, as if it was custom made for her. Had she dressed herself? Her last memory was of her cold, blue body still in her cafe work clothes.

She tipped toed around the room and found it quite small. It was still a dome shaped room, but there seemed to be only one exit. No windows, no doors. Just the flame lit long corridor she had noticed. She etched closer to it, careful not to trip over on the hem of the skirt. What was going on?

‘Lucifer?’ She whispered curiously. She didn’t know what awaited her down the corridor, but so far, the beastly thing had only been fairly kind to her. ‘Lucifer? Are you there?’ She called again, but no reply came. She looked back into the room and didn’t see his looming face from the darkness. Besides, there was only one way in or out it seemed.

Despite her heart pounding away and her mind telling her to stay put, Mona started slowly down the corridor. What was the worst that could happen now? She was already dead, right? So she pressed on, walking down the longer than expected corridor, till she heard music floating in faintly from the walls.

Eventually, emerging from the end, was a massive ornate wooden door with giant poison ivy brass handles. She reached for it, terrified still of what could be on the other side of it. She put all her might into pushing the door open, only to find that the door would swing open very easily, that Mona would have fallen into the room if she hadn’t been holding the handle so tightly.

What she saw made her jaw drop in awe. Absolute awe. Was this really what hell was like?

To Be Continued…

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