The Keeper (Part 6)

The stairs went on and on till Mona felt she couldn’t stand her muscles burning any longer. She wasn’t the fittest of person after all. Suddenly, the stairs fell as if collapsing right in front of her eyes and transformed into a long corridor with doors upon mahogany doors lined up like an old dorm wing of colleges dating back.

She stepped gingerly towards the corridor, remembering something about going to her room. And then it struck her, Lucifer had never said go back to her room, but simply go to her room. From the way the ‘house’ of devil was working so far, Mona figured it only showed where she was allowed to go, or supposed to go. What awaited her in the room was anyone’s guess really, but somehow it felt like the only thing she could do. Thus, she began trying out handle after handle on the doors of many a room that she eventually lost count. Then suddenly, as was habit of the place, one door swung open at the mere touch.

Mona peered in, scared. Only to find that it was a very cozy room with a large four post bed that seemed definitely larger than king size. It was laid out with fresh red linen. The left wall of the room featured a fireplace almost as tall as her, and inside was a kindling just beginning to catch on. The opposite side from the fireplace was a smallish door in comparison, ajar. No windows, Mona noticed. Of course not. They were underground beneath tons and tons of dirt.

The old high backed fabric chair in front of the fireplace had something she recognized. Her satchel. The one she had been carrying the night in the tunnel. She ran to it to confirm that it was hers. Inside were her wallet, mobile phone, and other bits and bobs like bottle of hand sanitizer and she found some comfort in them. No sooner had Mona sat down on the edge of the bed, clutching her bag that she felt drowsy. Her eyelids got heavy and she soon found herself curling up in bed. Asleep.

When she woke the next morning, at least she assumed it was the morning, there was a small breakfast trolley with a bountiful of food waiting. On the bed, just near her feet was a gorgeous teal dress laid out with a note on it. She reached for it and read.

‘For the lady.’

Nothing more, nothing less. Just three little words in the most elegant handwriting she’d ever seen.

To Be Continued..,


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