The Keeper (Part 11)

Those that missed my posting Part11 last time, here it is again. Do hope you enjoy it, and I welcome any comments and feedback.


It was a strange noise that drew Mona out of the comfort of her wing. She hadn’t really gone exploring as much as she might have, had she not known that the master of house was someone to be careful of. Now, as she lurked in the hallways, she could hear a muffled roar through the tall walls. What was it? Were there animals in the palace? She hadn’t thought there were any other life in that place other than herself, and she wasn’t even sure she herself were still alive.

The roar rippled through the very air around her, causing her hair to stand. If she didn’t know any better, there was a lot of pain in that roar. Something was very hurt. Her instinct kicked in. She didn’t know why but she felt compelled to seek out the hurt beast, whatever it may be. So she ran, propelled…

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