‘Hey there lonely… Writers?’

This post is inspired by one I read earlier today where the writer admitted they had a recent revelation: that we, as writers are all alone. I felt for a moment, just a brief moment that this person was rather out of touch with reality if they only just realised writing is a lonesome job. But then again, I had to realise that this person may not have been fully aware of what writing required of them in the first place.

All this lead me to think about what writing really means to writers: it’s our way of communicating to the masses, to masses much larger than an individual would come across physically in life. Yet, it’s a paradoxical situation, isn’t it? To reach the masses, to seek a public, an audience, we spend a grand amount of time all alone. That in our solitude, in our crazy multi character alternate world moments, we are in fact reaching out in the most exposing way to the people in the real world. 

Writers aren’t all introverts, preferring to be left alone, but yes, the job requires we find ourselves a quite space, a moment (an hour or two) to ourselves and our imagination. So how about that? Writers are lonely people who love an audience, in fact, crave one. 

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  1. I was a lonely writer at one time. But I joined a few writers’ groups, attended workshops and conferences and met and became friends with many writers. It has been a wonderful experience. Now I’m not so much a lonely writer, as a writer in solitude.

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    1. I like that, a writer in solitude. I have been looking for a group to join, but unfortunately, where I am, there doesn’t seem to be a group about. So search goes on. Most people outside of writing tend to have that conception that writing is for people who like being alone, or that it’s something we do on our ‘spare time’, or can do on our spare time. Another misconception I might write about another day.

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      1. I don’t know where you are, but you could try to start a group. Even one other person to share writerly things with helps. I found my groups on Meetup.com.

        Love that misconception (writing in our spare time). It would make a good post.

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      2. I might try that! I’m in outskirts Sydney. And yes, unfortunately, there are loads of people out there who think writing is simply a pastime activity.


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