Time poor – Idea rich

Seems that’s the theme the world seems to be adopting these days. Lifestyles have become more about styles than about a life that’s rich in memorable time spent with people that count, doing things that count. Everyone is running around madly trying to fit a thousand things in a day. Work, family, food, sleep, social media, catch up with friends, watching shows that you simply ‘must’, squeezing in that moment where you can relax. It’s no wonder we see people glued to a screen. Time pressed, and poor. 

Writers are no less. I am no less. I seem to be time poor, with other activities that keep eating I to the time I’m meant to write. There are several deadline looming, and it seems no one cares to realise that perhaps, I need some time on my own. For my own. Doing this and doing that, fixing this and fixing that, making this and making that, and oh don’t forget the absolute things I must get done in the day. I can’t seem to find myself a moment, a space, a moment of peace to pay my writing the attention it needs. What can I say? Either our days are getting shorter than the days of people before us, or there is simply far too much expected from us in a day these days. Whichever it is, I am in desperate need to lock myself away from everyone regardless how it is perceived. After all, the deadlines will be gone and I’d have done nothing, leading to negative thoughts and deflation on ego and motivation. 

How do you guys find the time, the courage to say no, and the wisdom to hide away from the world that’s always trying to influence you? I’d love to learn new strategies. Obviously, mine are failing miserably.


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