Race against time, and a record chase.

What I am about to embark on probably hasn’t been achieved yet by any other person on this planet. And even if they have attempted it, I’ll probably lean towards assuming that it hasn’t been achieved. After all, the task ahead is formidable indeed. 

I am attempting to complete a speculative feature length script within the next 8 days. Yup, you heard right. A whole script. I started on it this morning and I’m just short of page 10. Normally, if you write scripts, you know that the general rule of thumb is 90-110 pages. Going by that rule, I still have 81 pages to go before I can say I’m done. 

I have a reason as to why I’m attempting this feat. I swear I’m not crazy. But, my fastest so far has been round about a month, of writing an hour or so in the evenings. Can I do it within the next 8 days? Who knows. All I know is that I’m going to attempt it, and I’m going to blog about my progress. Give myself a little more incentive to reach my goal, which is not only to try and write the script but also to write material that is entertaining. After all, that’s what movies are all about!

It’s almost 10 PM Sydney time, and I’ve been working on it for hours. Time to make a stronge dose of caffeine and get writing again. Wish me luck!


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