Day 2: epic scriptwriting challenge

So, how did I fare? Nada. Nothing today, and it wasn’t to do with writer’s block or lack of interest. I was in a mad rush to finish a tiny comedy film I’m making. There is a deadline for it, and I’ll tell you all about it when I’m ready to launch the movie out into the world. But I only have little time to complete the film, so today I had made myself a promise, that I’d finish the first cut of the film and the behind-the-scenes by end of day. After 10 hours of shifting through footage and compiling them, I’m sorry to say that it’s now 2am in the morning and I need sleep. So no scriptwriting for me tonight. But did I atleast reach my target for the day? Almost. So so close. Half a day more and I should be done editing both the film and the BTS. After that? Well, Ionly have colour grading, sound mixing, music, and end credit list to do before the thing officially is ready to be viewed. And I’ve never done those things before, so going to be a tricky few sessions of fiddling with new software etc.

Now, off to grab some sleep. Tomorrow, I aim to complete another 20pages of the script. Let’s see how it goes. Now then, night, night folks!


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