In a mood to laugh?

It’s not often I ask for things in life. I like doing things myself if I can help it. The only things I’m good at are writing, thinking about writing, and just sometimes, taking that next step and making them into short films. 

The recent news of earthquakes in Nepal and the uselessness that comes with just watching it through a filtered window makes you feel that you can’t sit idly by, but what is a broke writer to do? What can I do to help? Visiting facebook etc will show you that my page is flooded with everything earthquake. I do my best to share the news that others may benefit from etc. So forgive me for a moment as I’ve decided I will try and focus on my work, to feel some semblance of usefulness. 
Prior to the devastation in my birth country, I had taken the responsibility of making a short film for a competition. I have an obligation to all my cast and crew who gave me their precious time and talent, and that obligation is to keep my promise. So this week, I resumed work on it again. 
Here is a link to the behind-the-scenes of the movie, ‘The Usual Hunt’, which, with some help, I’m hoping to finish by 11th May.
Also, just wanted to give you the heads up that when the movie itself is released, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you guys could watch it, and vote for it. Help me get in with a chance.
Thanking you once again.


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