Art for Charity (1)

So, like I was saying yesterday, that I might do a painting and sell it off, and the money raised will go to an organization that is supporting Nepal Earthquake relief.

I started a piece today. I’m guessing one painting won’t be enough, so. Let’s see how many Nepal or Nepali people, lifestyle inspired pieces I can make. I tend to prefer and impressionist style, so I thought I’d do what I’m comfortable with.

Here’s a sneak peak at the current painting-in-progress.

It’s inspired by the rustic, simple  village lives of some folks in Nepal, some of which have been devastated by the earthquake. 
In the image, you will see a mother and her child, tied to her back using a shawl, or ‘oordni’. Behind them, the background depicts a house/temple inspired shape in shamble, and the fence she is sitting on only partially standing. When the painting is finished, you will be able to see the sun shine on the two, indicating that hope is not lost yet. 

Why did I choose impressionist style? I think it’s befitting the event it’s depicting and the changes it has brought to lives. 

I am hoping to add this painting to auction for Nepal earthquake fundraising I’m trying to achieve. Let’s see how I go.


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