Art for Charity (Day 8)

Another aftershock since the initial earthquake almost two weeks ago rocked Nepal earlier today, almost just as strong as the initail quake. It’s definately not the best time for Nepal as the country has already suffered so much.
We can only pray and hope that this is the last of the massive quakes and that the country and it’s people can start to build their lives again. 
Earlier today, before the news, I had started a fourth painting able the third one was drying before the next step.
I can only hope that come 17th May, lots of people will turn up for the gold coin donation morning tea and art exhibition organised in order to raise funds for Nepal relief efforts through Oxfam. In case you are in the area and would like to come, please come to Kogarah School of Arts, Kogarah (in NSW, Australia).
70% of the proceeds from all my paintings will be going to support Oxfam in their efforts, needed now more than ever. 


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