Art for Charity ( Day something or other, I forgot)

The past couple of days have blended together as if paint on my canvases. I can’t tell which day of progress I’m on. I could go back on my posts and check, but it’s 1AM in the morning of countless 1AMs or later sessions of painting, so forgive me if I can’t recall my days. Lol
As you are aware (or not), I’m one of the 6 artists on show tomorrow for a fundraising event for Nepal Earthquake relief. There are no more paintings to be made, no more canvas to be primed, nor paint squeezed out of tubes to air dry as I slowly add stroke after stroke of paint. And no more varnish getting me whoosy and high! Not for a while yet anyway. 
At the end of this task, I have completed 4 entirely new pieces within a fortnight. By God, have I painted like I’ve never painted before! I have hardened soles of my feet, achy muscles on my back, fingers that are tired from gripping a brush days on end or twisting paint tube caps. 
It will all have been worth it in the end if, through my art, I can contribute however small, to getting some lives on their way back to normal in Nepal. 
If you are in Sydney, pop on down to Kogarah School of Arts tomorrow from 10AM to 1PM. I’ll be there with these colorful fiddles of mine! 


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