The Usual Hunt - thumbnail

Yesterday, I posted that I have a short movie in a competition that is open for Public voting.

The short film, The Usual Hunt, is a 3min short comedy that takes it’s influence from British comedy, and the likes of movies such as Death at a Funeral, Keeping Mum, etc. It’s light, its short, and most of all, it’s funny! But don’t let me say that to you. Why not watch it and make up your own mind? 🙂

Here’s the link:

My little film is up against 150 something other films, many of which are comedy. I don’t doubt that number will keep rising as the end date to lodge an entry is 1st June. Until then, the movies that are already up and running enjoy a bigger exposure and chances of gathering more votes.

My films about 3 adult children of a deceased woman at her Will reading, when they discover that their mother had a secret that will send them scrambling off to find it.

If you watch it, please drop in a vote for it. Only takes seconds literally.



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