Title to attract.

Coming away from another worship hosted by the Sydney Writer’s Festival today, I’ve come away with a piece of advice that’s sticking like glue. You have got to get the book title perfect. It is a tool. To advertise. To entice. To convince you to read that piece of writing. 

Thus, as I’m on the cusp of starting submission rounds for my second book, I’m obviously wondering if the current title is the best. I am a biased person, hence the worst person to decide this very important question.   

So, I’m reaching out to you, my fellow writers and reader. I need your help! If you’re a ChickLit reader/lover, would you help me choose a title?

Which of the following would you stop for and have a read of the blurb at least? Choose one, or your preference numbers. 

Title options:

1) Rule of thirds

2) Suddenly Single

3) Picture Perfect

4) The Wedding Photographer

5) Charming Grace

Thank you. 


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