Vote for shortfilm needed! 

Ain’t asking for much

just a wee little moment, barely 5 minutes

there’s a new joke in town,

one made by a mother,

oh and does it so bother her brood

her 3 perfectly grow up brood.

You see she is gone, and all that’s left

well, it’s in the ‘Will’ no one cares to find,

and here’s the catch, that early sunny morning

the brood bored suddenly find

a million more reasons to climb,

whoever finds the will,

well, won’t life be sublime?!
So here’s a crumb, a little trail if you will

to lead you, oh so fine,

won’t you come on by and ‘see’

and more so give us what you will,

a tiny little ‘Vote’ for ‘The Usual Hunt‘ that’s does leave you wondering.

Who does win indeed? 

(Ps: thanks for voting for our little film in the #MyRODEReel competition.)  


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