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[The following poem is an exercise in working with writing prompts picked at random daily. Today’s prompts were crime genre and the line ‘a ribbon delicately tied around her neck’. The poem is for MATURE readers ONLY as it contains graphic imagery and violence and which by no means condones them.]


…ribbon adorns the pale canvas of her skin…

It wasn’t to be today, this day
the plan though still in progress
upon haphazard panic, betrayed.
…the contours of her body as she lay…
Was it fate, or a simple coincidence
that here we were
the quite hum of the day.
…those crystal clear eyes stare, steady, unflinching…
The clammy palms of mine give way
the pounding of my beats
the swelling emotions, swayed.
…the room awful quite as is she, still, compliant…
Why? I whisper. Look what you made me do?
I grip the handle tighter still,
against the warmth drips of red.
…the ribbon, and the stranger in his bed…
Fate or coincidence? He eyes get flash of blue and red.
[Prompts: ‘a ribbon delicately wrapped around her neck’, and genre Crime.]