‘Becoming Scarlett’ by Ciara Geraghty: Book Review

‘Becoming Scarlett’ is not my first rodeo when it comes to reading Ciara Geraghty work. Previously, I’ve read ‘Saving Grace’, which I absolutely loved everything about. However, in saying that and in remaining true to an unbiased review, I did struggle to finish Scarlett. One of the main reason was that I simply couldn’t connect with the protagonist in any way. Felt a lot of barriers in trying to get over that fence.

So how did I find the book?

Story:  the story is from Scarlett’s POV. About this young woman who suddenly realizes she can’t hold onto any of her life plans. Should have been a topic most young adults can connect with, but with the main theme of unexpected pregnancy that weaves the story through, it felt like there were opportunities that weren’t made use of due to restrictive narration. The other characters from a reader POV were at regular intervals more interesting than the main. The whole story of Scarlett’s transformation from this anal individual to someone who is more lucid felt like a long trajectory that took its time to get to.

Structure:   main character POV. The story is divided into different time frames , some cover days, some weeks, with lots of huge jump in time. It covers a whole year in the life of Scarlett.

Ending: ending is strong but feels it could have been reached much earlier on in the work. 

Rating: 2.5/5 (I’m on the middle ground with this simply because I found myself skipping sentences  and sometimes paragraphs that felt didn’t move the story along).

Recommendation:for any one who loves reading pregnancy stories, about independent women, and in general, life putting its hands up, then this book is for you. Not every reader suits a book, nor a book suits every reader, so I leave this wide open for you to make you own decision about this particular book.

My next read: I have yet to pick a book out and probably won’t do another review till I publish my second book. So might be a couple of months for the next honest review.



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