Cover art progress and my blog in general


This is as far as I got today. The dress is filled out. I just have to add depth to it. Then there is the gaping grass and sky. After which, it will be safe to say the painting is ready and I better hustle with the final proofreading of the book. There are 29 chapters and I’m leisurely gotten to 12. 
The first image is the section I’ll probably use, and the second is the whole canvas, minus the black bits. What do you say? Good cover image so far? Striking? Would you pick it up out of others on an Amazon page? 


Also, on a completely off base, I’m about to rearrange and overhaul my blog. I think it needs a bit of sprucing and getting looked after. I’m not the most savvy blogger out here, so I’d really appreciate if any of you feel like sharing your best advice on what a blog needs and what it doesn’t etc, and if you have any advice on how to increase more traffic, I’ll be forever grateful! 


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