Battle brave


‘It’s impossible,’ said Pride,

for it puffed it’s wee chest out in the winter chill,

forever thinking he were right.
‘It’s risky, dear, not impossible,’ chimed Experience,

for she knew what she was talking about, of course.

How dare you think otherwise? Her eyes warned.
Reason hung her tiny little head, low,

and whispered, ‘Why, it’s simply pointless. Pointless. We may as well turn around and go now.

For she knew there was no getting through, the mind was already made up it seemed.
Heart stood by all this time, 

as quiet as a mouse. It stepped forward and whispered, ‘May I try?’

The other three shrugged.

Heart smiled, and stepped on the heavy shoulders. 

‘Why don’t you just try?’
The Person turned, wracked with nerves, and stared.

‘Try?’ Heart simply nodded.

‘Why don’t you just try?’ The person mumbled, 

unconsciously stepping away from the ledge.

(Hopefully you enjoyed that. Just a quickie announcement: I do have a Pinterest account you savvy folks are invited too. 😀 I’m starting to build a feels board full of clues for my next book release happening around August.
See you there (too!)


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