As I sit here contemplating my own Author platform, here’s another writer’s thoughts on the same thing.

Kate Dancey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA image: Graphics1796

So you’ve taken the first steps toward writing a novel. Me too! And might I add; holy carpel tunnel, what an undertaking.  Aside from a novella pubbed with a small house, and a self pubbed short story, I’m new to the journey of writing longer bodies of work. And now that I’ve got a couple of novels closing in on completion, I’m revisiting the notion of blogging before the novel is finished. Why blog before you’re writing journey is finished? Let’s explore that idea, because if you, like me are already writing every night, you need a reason to take that next step, and write some more!

So, do you really need a blog or website?  I’m tempted to answer, “HELL YES”, but that gets us nowhere. It is also a short answer for a long journey. Ask yourself two questions to determine if having a blog or…

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