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Well, well, well. What do I have here? Lol. I was just going through my many notes on my phone just now and found this quirky odd piece I had written a few months ago using a prompt. I was trying to think why I had written such a weird piece only to remember that I was challenging myself to use a prompt. It was ‘demon’ and I obviously didn’t want to write the more obvious demon featuring stories, so here is my entry. It’s not finished yet I feel. I might attempt to round off the story in the next few days. Enjoy!

So it comes knocking

It was after dark. Heath stood staring through the glass of the cafe. He wanted what Byron had. Money, title, and the gorgeous Kiya as his lover. More than anything, he wanted Kiya. It’s what the boy wanted too. He could sense it, squirming inside, begging in a tiny high pitched voice ‘Leave her alone!’ Heath wanted to laugh as he glimpses the dream the boy harboured. Love, ugh, it almost made Heath retch if he were so capable of retching. ‘Shut up and play dead!’ he grumbled, walking through the glass as if it were nothing.

Kiya only noticed him as the mop head slapped across the front of boy’s shoes. She looked up, startled. ‘Oh, it’s only you, Peter. You almost gave me a heart attack.’ She tried laughing.

Heath didn’t say a word. The boy kept screaming, ‘Run, Kiya, run.’ Which was rather amusing seeing as Heath could do whatever he wanted to Kiya and boy wouldn’t be able to budge. Heath had ideas alright. Naughty, nasty ideas, right there on the floor.

‘How’d did you get in?’ She eyed the still locked door of the cafe. Heath shrugged and moved forward.

‘I want you.’


Heath grinned a crooked grin. Boy was flaying inside. He liked the struggle, the power. Heath played a little scenario in boys head, of all the things he was going to do to her.

‘Peter?!’ She called out, holding an arm out. Heath reached for it. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes,’ Heath finally spoke, his voice gritty and distant than he had expected.
Kiya hooked her hand through his. Something suddenly burned Heath and he yelled. Kiya’s smile widened.

‘Heath, Heath, Heath.’ She tutted. ‘Let the human go and we can play. Isn’t that what you wanted?’

Kiya suddenly dropped away, and in her place sud, Sunny, Heath’s ex from Hell. The iron from her ring still stung him hard.

‘I’ll get you for this!’ He breathed before her muttered enchantment expelled him from the boy’s body.

‘The boy is mine,’ was the last Heath heard. ‘You can’t do anything right.’