Ebony and Frank: 4

In the days since Hillary passed away, Ebony felt just as lost as when they’d first sent her to the nursing home from the hospital. Every time she looked around, all the aging residents only reminded her of how helpless she was. She could befriend any of them and majority wouldn’t even remember her the next day. The invisible woman. That’s what Eb felt like. Or rather the forgotten woman. Someone everyone else on Earth had forgotten. She was sure she had a family, at least one, but the fact that no one had come to claim her. Well, it broke her heart every morning to wake up and know no one was missing her at all. Sometimes, it made her wonder exactly where she was from and what type of person she must have been. Obviously no one memorable. 

That morning Eb was just sitting with the oldies watching reruns of M.A.S.H when someone called her name. ‘Ebony?’ She turned around only to see the director of the nursing home standing there with a suited man. 

‘I’m Mrs Willow’s attorney,’ he extended his hand towards her. ‘I was wondering if we can have a wee chat.’ 

Anything, Eb thought and rose to meet the man’s hand. ‘How can I help you?’

Soon, Eb was seated in the office with the nursing home director and the attorney. An image of a principal’s office with a towering dark figure flashed in her mind. ‘Ebony Wilson, do you know the trouble you’re in? Do you know what you’ve done to Frank?’

‘Are you even listening, Ebony?’ The director of the home asked curiously. Eb had only met the man once before and hadn’t decided whether she liked or disliked him. ‘Are you okay?’ 

She nodded. ‘Sorry, I just think I remembered something,’ she mumbled unsure. Ebony Wilson. So that was her name. Ebony Wilson.

‘You have to sit in on the will reading Ms Ebony.’ The attorney was saying. ‘Do you know what that means?’

Ebony shook her head. ‘Ebony Wilson, I think that’s my name.’ 

‘Are you okay, Ebony? Getting pieces of your memory back now?’ The director asked. His name tag read Compton. 

Eb shook her head. ‘Not really, just this situation here.’ She looked around the room. The office had triggered something and there was a little Eb inside her doing a zig of joy. She finally knew her name. She turned to the lawyer. ‘I’m sorry, you were saying?’

‘Mrs Hillary Willow had made a last amendment on her will a couple of weeks before she passed away, Ms Wilson. You happen to be one of the beneficiaries mentioned in her will. Thus, you are required to be present during the reading of the will.’

Ebony looked from one man to the other. ‘I’m in her will?’

The attorney nodded. ‘The will reading is happening the day after the funeral at Mrs Willow’s estate.’

The funeral home director rose from his perch on the edge of his table. ‘Mr Paxton. Ebony here is under our care and due to her condition, I’m afraid I cannot sign her out for a day excursion without someone to take responsibility for her.’

‘Yes, this is rather unusual circumstances and our office would like to escort Ebony here to and from the will reading.’ 

‘I have no problem with that if Ebony is okay with it.’ He turned to Ebony. Who looked just dumbfounded.

‘When is it?’ she asked, absolutely touched and surprised that Hillary had mentioned her in her last will. 

‘In 5 days time.’ 

‘As long as you can get me back here without losing me, I’m fine.’ She rose. ‘Will that be it?’ The men nodded. She smiled. ‘I’m gonna go tell the nurses that I remember my name now.’ She bowed out of the room on a roller coasters of emotions. She was happy about her reclaimed memory, confused about the will and what it might hold, and still sad that Hillary was gone, forever. Mortality in this place sucked, but at least one good thing had come out of it. It was beginning to slowly trigger her memories, and that could never be a bad thing.

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