Ebony & Frank: 7

Eb stared at the flickering candle light as she munched on the sandwich Niko had dropped off with many other provisions and cleaning products. 

‘Can’t stay. I’m expected home for dinner or me old lady will get cranky having not seen me since morning.’ He’d handed the bag over and scuttled back to his ute. ‘Will come tomorrow morning with helping hands to get you better settled in and get rid of them tall grass for you. Goodnight now, Miss Watson.’

‘Eb!’ She called out as Niko bounced out on the uneven dirt driveway. ‘Goodnight.

Eb reached for her ears and cupped them to drown out the noise, but it persisted, forcing her to drag herself to the window and discover a man on a ride-on mower with a giant scythe on on hand doing a job of cutting the overgrown grass. Shit! What time is it? 

She pulled on a faded old gown and walked across the open log lounge and out the front door. ‘Morning Niko!’ She called at the top of her lungs, and the man turned, half his face hidden beneath a wide rimmed straw hat. He stopped the engine, hopped off the machine and strode across the freshly mowed patch of lawn. As he strode up the stairs Eb felt a little concerned. It wasn’t Niko.

She was about to take a step back when the man removed his hat and gave her an indiscernible nod. 
He held out his hand. ‘You must be Ebony Watson.’ Eb felt every hair on her body stand tall as she took in the whole of the man. She felt he looked familiar as she shook his hand briskly. Something about him put her on edge.

‘Ah!’ Called out Niko as he pushed a wheelbarrow around the side of the house and spotted the two. ‘I see you two have met.’ Eb shook her head causing Niko to drop the wheelbarrow and stride forth till he reached the patio. ‘Eb, met the handiest man in these parts. The handiest handy man you will ever find, Frank.’

‘Frank,’ she amount whispered the name, her voice catching in her throat.

(I’m still writing this sections and will update more in a day or so.)


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