It’s the holidays, but my advice ‘Keep Running’.

Here it is dear bloggers, friends and those who stumble upon my words quite by accident and may or may not stay to till the end. I haven’t been very attentive of you these past few months. True. I haven’t written random thoughts on writing. I haven’t share odd little poetry, or the lengthy ones. Heck, I haven’t even written my weirdly popular style, the narrative poetry in a very long time. The reason, you ask? I’ve been busy trying to detangle my life. And then the end of year snuck up on me, just like that.  

I’ve done many things this year, but then I haven’t done enough. You know how it is. The balance is ever precarious to say the least. Here is what I’m hoping to bring you in the new year: a new comedy film (currently in post-production), a new book (for those who love a love story), a new adventure with new people (yes, I’m making a bigger and creepier film in Jan), and I hope to hope to keep at it with my feature film idea. It’s gonna be a busy, busy year, 2016. But how do you say goodbye to 2015?

Here’s a little something I’d like to share with you. I came upon it in my Facebook feed and thought, true, we gotta keep running!

Do you have a dream? Something you want to achieve, someone you want to be? I do. I have a dream of being a writer (author/screenwriter) and if I can continue to make films, then even better. And I have been causing mine. If dreams were doors, then I guess I’m working towards getting that door wedged wider and wider, pushing against whatever heavy thing that’s wedged against it on the other side. I’m getting there, one millimeter, centimeter at a time. 

My advice? Chase them. You have a dream, chase them. Chase them till you run out of breath. Chase them till you think you cannot chase them anymore. Till you think you have no more energy left in you for the chase. Chase them with every tiny idea you have that might open the door. Chase them even if you don’t have the key, or any idea where it may be. Learn to pick that lock if you must. But chase you must. Why? Because down the road, down the end of the line, the biggest regret you will have was you never even chased your dream, you gave up before the race even began. You looked the other way. And then, all you will be left with is the gnawing question, ‘What if?’.

I can’t live with a ‘what if’ hanging over my head. The biggest hurdles to those who dream are either fear of failure or fear of success. Odd little thing, isn’t it. We dream of it everyday. Yet tiny bit of irrational fear holds you back. 

Go chase your dream in 2016. Just keep running till you get to the line. One step at a time. I wish all of you a Happy Holidays. Enjoy your festivities, enjoy the company of loved ones, and lastly, hold onto that dream.



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