Thoughts at Midnight (or rather well past it!)

I’m very a aware of the ceiling fan twirling above me in a blur, the touchlamp on its second brightest mode (yes, I have a touch lamp), and the howling of what sounds like dogs that think they are wolves in the reserve out the back of our property. The many other weird sounds of the night, like a distance train screeching on its tracks, or the rotars of a high-flying jumbo deep in the night sky. In all this I hear a train speed past the tracks less than 100 meters away. Most nights, I’m not even aware of it, and then there are nights like tonight where I hear the smallest of sounds. 

What am I thnking tonight? Almost every social media demands doesn’t it? But I’m not overly social. Honestly. I could sit and veg out on the sofa for hours without ‘socializing’, but tonight, I want to know what I’m thinking. The last sleepy thoughts of the tired old me.  I’m thinking that the fan makes a weird noise, that there are distant barks of dogs, of chirping cicadas maybe. And I’m thinking about this blog. What am I rambling on about? Guess I don’t really know and I don’t frankly care. It’s half past midnight for heaven’s sake. 
Oh, that’s one thing: I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I believe we live the quality of life we deserve and no more. I do believe in karma a lot though (probably has a lot to do with being brought up as a Hindu). My thoughts for tonight are jumbled. I’m thinking about my notebook which has many new chapters for my novel which I’ve lost. I’m also thinking about editing a movie, and researching another. And as my eyelids get heavy, my mind diverts itself like a well trained puppy to the fact that I should go to bed. 

So goodnight folks. Read much and ponder! 


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