Big canvas- Bigger Subject!

First time attempting a painting almost the size of me! My subject? See if you can figure out who he is from below. 

(If you are Hindu, then it’s a dead giveaway! Or if you have travelled to Nepal, or India.)


I’ve been thinking of attempting his painting for a little while (little while being over a year or more). Sometimes unsure what composition I’d do, other times unsure what size canvas to attempt on. His energy isn’t something you can capture in a diminutive canvas and yesterday, for some reason I went for the biggest canvas I had. Comes to my shoulder it does! 

And I scanned and scanned reference pics to use but none spoke to me, and I attempted something I have never done before. Painting without a reference, just the canvas, paint and brush, and myself. The idea was to just lay down a blue wash. What I ended up with was the picture above. 
It’s not done obviously. Far from it, but I think the base turned out better than I had set out for! Lol. An artist friend of mine at Abecca’s Art told me to Pinterest ‘male abs’ for a reference. That will be a first too, having never painted humanly forms!
Excited to see how this work turns out. I already have ideas for next couple of works! 😀


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