Current Obsession: Music

Instrument skills: none whatsoever! 

What I would love to be able to play: piano, or a violin, can’t decide. 
I don’t normally confess to being an obsessive kind unless you consider slight OCD when it come to my own things. Even in my chaotic room, there is a semblance of order that only I would understand obviously. Nor have I ever been a crazy ‘fan’ of anything. I mean, I understand that people will admire artists and actors, and other figures in the public, but even as a teenager growing up, my obsessive nature only went as far as pretending to be obsessed by talking about a ‘topic’ or cutting out bits and bobs to actually forget about them and years late bin them. No. I have never been the obsessive kind, and nor have I understood the compulsion to be honest. 
What is it that drives people to go crazy after something? 
At the moment, my obsession has been, in a loose sense of the word, listening to Nepali songs of today on YouTube. I just pick a song (obviously the one I can remember a name off), then I select the playlist already compiled or suggested and go with it. Some songs will be great, some not so. But I have to say, they are really coming up with a few that get stuck in my head and keeps looping. 
Most of the time, I wouldn’t say I’m a music person, nor would I know artists and songs. But I have become somewhat of a fan of this new artist (obviously not new to the country), Rohit John Chetri. He has a smooth voice that doesn’t jar, and mostly I love the lyrics. I usually don’t even pay attention to the lyrics but this time, I keep playing a song on repeat. It has melody, harmony, lyrics that have weight, and music that is quite calming. 
If you are Nepali and happen by this post, check out the song ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ (Slowly, slowly) I guess. Even if you are not, I dare say you will still love the music in it. 
Today I found myself humming the song as I painted butterflies and rainbows on few tiny Wonder Women. I didn’t know all the lyrics, I never do. Going by yesterday’s theme of finding motivation, I think I might start collecting some songs that have the right feel for me. They do put me in a mood to create. 
Alas, I’m still singing the song in my head and going to bed bistarai (slowly). Good night all. Talk to you tomorrow. That is if I don’t forget. 



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