The title says it all. As some of you know, I have a Beauty and the Beast inspired piece I’m working on slowly here on my blog. The Keeper, for those who haven’t come across it is a modern day take on the old classic. 

I’ve always loved fairy tales. Who can resist their magic, right? Once upon a time I used to have a Reader’s Digest volumn of fairy tales from around the world. I had discovered it at a garage sale when I was growing up in my early teens in NZ. It had a picture or two accompanying each tale. There were the usually ones we have all heard of, but then there were also many I had never come across. I used to adore that book. I wish I still had it.  When my family moved to Aus, my mum accidentally sold it off in yet another Garage Sale. Circle of life I suppose. I just hope whoever has it now treasures it as much as I did. I have never mourned the loss of a book as much as I still do that work. Alas, back to my point…

The Keeper, as I was saying is my twist on the fairytale. A dark twist I guess. I’ve been enjoying it but I’ve reached a point where I have needed reference to the original material. But with the new live-action film coming out in March, and my own take on the story, I needed to see how close to any of those I was venturing.  I got my hands on the tale a while back but had been meaning to watch Disney’s version. It had been many years since and I don’t recall it very well. So, I borrowed a copy and watched that this evening. 

I was very surprised. Disney’s version is so very different to the original! So so very different. And now at least I know I’m not walking on its shadow with my own writing. Very keen for March. 

It’s a bit too late now, but I think I might get working on the next installment for The Keeper tomorrow. I think my Belle has just started to miss her Beast. I wonder what the charming devil will do next…

G’night for now.



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