Howdy, everyone. Been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s hard trying to juggle scriptwriting, novel writing, keeping up with the other social media, and trying to hone your craft. I know I’ve neglected you. I shouldn’t. So I’m back, and will try and do a post a week to start off, unless I have something so fantastic to share with you that I’ll post regardless.

What have I been doing with myself other than that, you ask? Well, I’ve tried to take up Yoga and picked up a 30 day yoga challenge at the beginning of July. Today is the last day of August and I have one more day of it to go. Did I succeed? No, hell no. But, I didn’t give up. It’s hard doing Yoga if you’ve never done it before and also have injured muscles from a car crash that scream and cramp every time a new and ‘challenging’ pose is asked of me. The hydrant pose kills me! So does Warrior 3, cause my left hip/glutes can’t take it. Damn crash!

But I’m glad I did it, or still doing it. I have one more day to go and then I’m thinking I’ll find another 30 day yoga challenge and this time actually try and do it within 30 days. If you’re wondering who is my Yoga master for now, she is Adrian from Yoga with Adrian. I kind of feel like I’m friends with her. LOL. I might find another one of her challenges and go with that till I’m stronger.

Why the sudden urge to exercise? Well, I desperately joined a gym with a friend last year while we were still in Sydney, but the sight of burly men there posing was odd to say, and I don’t fancy crowds when I’m sweating, if you know what I mean. So, after we moved cities, I had no more pal to go gym with. That spelled the end of my gym days. Short lived.

And now I’m sitting at home writing more, and prolonged sitting isn’t helping. Hence me trying to find exercises I could do in the comfort and fortress of my home. Hence Yoga. So now I have to find more YouTube videos to walk me through it. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I really, really want to get in shape by November, for I have two weddings to attend! Not that I’m big, but I’m 5’2 feet, and currently not doing much other than drinking coffee like nothing else, eating two meals and snacks (I need to find healthier snacks), and writing.

On other news…

How am I going with my complete-four-feature-scripts-by-end-of-2019 plan? I’m failing miserably and so behind schedule! So, so, soooooo behind! Mind you the schedule was my own doing so obviously it is not set in stone. But the good new? I HAVE COMPLETED THE FIRST OF THE 4 FEATURES I HAD PLANNED. And it’s pretty good at draft number four. So I’m happy…. I mean I started writing it after my hubby and I moved cities back in March. I wrote and wrote one draft after another, but the middle just didn’t excite me. The beginning was great, I had a solid plan for how it was to end, but how do you take a woman who has never been to Nepal on an adventure of self-discovery without it being another cliched hippy-goes-to-Nepal-and-discovers-herself thing?

This is how. She is not a hippy. In fact the only thing hippy about her are, well, her hips. She is a shrewd business woman who is only going because…. drum rolls, she won’t get daddy’s money if she doesn’t do the thing he’s requested. What was his request you ask?

Here’s my log line for the feature I dub ‘From Nepal, With Love’: 


It’s reads well, doesn’t it? 🙂 Oh you don’t know how proud I am that that came out of me. Loglines are hard to write, and synopsis, don’t even get me started on those. This particular logline has taken me months to pin down… multiple failed attempts and a lot of mandatory coffee and self-doubt.

Anyhoo, what’s next?

The thing I’m only most excited about of course! A screen writing challenge called ZeroDraft30, and it’s starting 1st of September!

You guys have heard of NaNoRiMo? Well, apparently ZeroDraft30 is something that is for screenwriters to write their scripts in one month! Remember my 4 script for 2019 goal? Well, I’m going to join this challenge I’ve decided so that I can write my ‘vomit’ draft for the next feature idea. It’s just the push I’ll need to get another feature idea on paper.

So come tomorrow, I’m starting on… wait for it….

Harry, Who?

It’s going to be my first historical feature story, and it’s based on a scandalous murder trial back in 1920s Sydney. I love the title! I swear I do. I have a huge learning curve ahead of me. I’ve dug up tones of old newspaper articles already, I’m reading up on as much of the event as I can. I’m obviously going to embellish some elements of it, but I’m thinking of writing the best screenplay I can, not so much with the thought that yay, I’m gonna sell it. No. Harry, Who? will be my spec piece I’m going to use to enter screenwriting competitions with when it’s ready.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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