‘Dirty Rabbit’ and no, it’s not a dirty joke!


I made a film. Yes, again. It’s like I never learn. I mean come on, right? How many times can a girl fall down and get back up again, dust herself off, maybe wipe a few tears, or tend to bruises that are emotional and not physical, and then be ready to do it again?

I’m sure there comes a time when we all crack. I’ve had several instances where I’ve come this close (and if you could see my hands, you’d see that the gap between my index finger and thumb, when I say ‘this close’ is practically closed). Anyhow. It turns out, I can do it again. And again. And again. Maybe I’ll never learn. As long as there is that little voice inside my head (and yeah, that’s probably not a good thing, but don’t tell me, she helps someday when I’m down). But, as long that that little devil’s advocate is inside, telling me ‘You got something, girl’, and I’m sure many of us hear this about our own brilliant selves. But, as long as she is around and she tells me that I have something, something to offer, something to say, and if I don’t add my tiny, insignificant voice out there, then some other little girl who needed to hear exactly what I had to say would be missing out, because that little girl was me when I was a kid, and then this is for her. I won’t give up. I’ll stumble, I’ll probably cry and say ‘Why? Why can’t I do this too?’ But the show will go on!

This is for those little girls that grew up never fitting anywhere and always feeling like she was in search of her destiny. We got it. We don’t know where we’re going, I bet no one does, but we at least know where we don’t want to go and that’s something.

Now, you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with a dirty rabbit? Well, let me tell you.

‘Dirty Rabbit’. It’s a 3 minute short film I made, and when I say I made, I wrote, directed and produced it, for a specific competition in mind. The RODE Reel short film comp to be precise. Now why do I need your help? It’s that little girl who needs help. Whose dreams and hopes seem to latch onto every little film she makes. I need you, to watch this said film, and to give it your precious vote if you liked what you saw. And if you’re feeling particularly generous, then perhaps even sharing it around so others can get in on it too.

dirty rabbit edit.png 1

What kind of a film is it you might be wondering? Well, as you can slightly guess from the picture, it’s a kidnapping story. And yes, a man dressed in a rabbit suit is the one who does the kidnapping.

Who does he kidnap? Well, that’s quite the story. It’s GOD OF THUNDER! Yep, you heard right. God of Thunder, as in Thor, the one who swings around that hammer in the MCU world and glows with electricity. The one and the same. Except, obviously, there was no way I could get Chris Hemsworth on board. Wouldn’t that have been sweet? If I could have gotten him for the film? LOL. One can always dream.

Without giving away the whole premise of the film, lets just tell you it’s also based on a quirky kidnapping story I read, and thought why not?

So go here to WATCH the film. I swear, you will like it. The two talents have done a marvelous job. Get it? Marvelous? Anyhoo… and please don’t forget to leave your VOTE.

I can’t thank you enough!


P.s: I’m going terribly with my #ZeroDraft30 #ZD30 challenge. I’ve only managed 9 pages. Geez. The weekend was a bust for me as hubby had his birthday party, we got pretty smashed (you should have seen the number of empty bottles), and I had to go eat something with prawns in it, didn’t I? Long story short, prawns don’t get along with me some days. Anyway, fingers crossed. I’m aiming for a fantastic writing day tomorrow.


P.s.s: I am yet to still find another 30 days Yoga challenge. Any recommendations?


Don’t for to VOTE, and get that Dirty Rabbit towards the finish line!



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