Meet Eva

In the second year of her Medical Microbiology and Immunology degree, Eva finished writing her first novel at 19 years old. She self-published her debut novel, In Strange Company on Kindle and in limited print back in 2013, followed by a Kindle only release of her second novel, Charming Mr Stewart in 2017.

Since then, Eva completed a teaching degree and started working as a high school science teacher who continued to dabble in her novels, and started writing and directing short films.

Recently, Eva has had one of her feature film scripts become a quarterfinalist in a competition, another short film of hers found distribution, and she continues to chase a career in both film and book industry.

In 2019, Eva took a year off teaching to write. She is actively pursuing traditional publishing for her works-in-progress (WIP).

WIPs she is working on:

  • a romcom/suspense ready to query;
  • a young adult science-fiction novel in editing phase;
  • a romcom/magic realism book in its first draft;
  • a romcom feature film-drama, she is polishing for comps in 2021;
  • a historical film adaptation, crime drama in its early phase.

Late 2018, she joined the online writing community, Wattpad, to hone her writing skills, and you can read some of her earlier works on there under her name (@evacharya).

Eva is seeking representation for both her novel and film works.

“I write mostly about identity and fitting in, about how someone can feel isolated even while surrounded by people who love them or know them. Most of my stories stem from relationships: parents-child, friends, siblings, lovers, and my culture and experiences. What I find most fascinating is, even an ordinary person can have an extraordinary, heartwarming story we can all relate to. I enjoy writing about people that care about one another, not just themselves; about damaged people who find a way to feel whole; about finding something beautiful.” 


36 thoughts on “Meet Eva”

  1. Not bad for someone who’s chosen career has not been motivated by family!! With this start it seems like the career path ahead will be much decorated. Success & Satisfaction are all subjective and varies from individual to individual.


  2. Good job Eva…..writing is a gift and I felt very glad reading your profile that you have accomplished much at such young age ….God Bless you….keep writing, this is something like feeding your soul’s hunger …I know that hunger from one writer to another the feeling is the same ….I will stay in touch ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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