I’m not really an artist, but I do love to dabble a little. 🙂

My works aren’t professional, but then again, I’m not a professional artist, but still, it’d be a shame not to share my joys with you. I love challenging myself with images I think I’m not capable of achieving, and then when I’m done, I find that I do a little dance, a zig of sorts. It’s priceless.

Here are just some of those works I’m super proud of. Don’t judge me. 😛


Acrylic/Medium on canvas



Picked up the brush today.

Not yet a Master piece.

– Painter in the making?! I hope so

Tulips are taking shape!

Behold ‘Bunch’


Acrylic on Canvas

20131212-232701.jpg          20131226-205401.jpg

Landscape: how is she coming along?

Landscaping like a snail! Oh yeah.

Landscape Finished! Behold the ‘Cove’!


Acrylic/Medium on canvas


Peacock-ing: my next challenge.

Peacock-ing: laying down the foundation.

Peacock-ing: Check out the feathers!

Peacock-ing: it’s beginning to be alive!

Peacock-ing: fan-tabulising the feathers

Are you looking at me?

Peacock-ing: dazzling and done!


Ink/medium on Canvas.


I have yet to re-locate all the old posts on this.

Instagram spotlights

Art works to go public!


Muse left me today, so this is what I go up to

hand gash

Special effects – Gory Indulgence


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