Chapters: Books under construction

Trial - a million smiles for June copyA Million Smiles for June (Several beginning chapters) – NOVEL/WIP

Blurb: Why should Chad Gilligan care whether the world likes Zachary Eve? After all, he has nothing in common with the world famous best-selling author of romantic novels. Nor can he get women to swoon at his name. Instead, Chad is awkward, drinks coffee like the end is neigh, and can’t write a tale worthy of a book deal. What’s the catch? The two are the same. And now, Chad needs to find a muse and get starting on his 10th novel before his contract is ripped.

IMG_1963 Rule of Thirds (Several beginning chapters) – NOVEL/Next release

Blurb: As an events photographer who covers mostly weddings, you’d think Elle Grace was okay with love. So then, why is she running from mere possibility? Elle is recently widowed, finding staying in her hometown somewhat painful. With her two year old daughter, Elle suddenly up and leaves, seeking the shelter of a country town in hope that it’s destitute of any suitors. Plunging back into her abandoned photography business feels like just the right thing to do in a town that’s in desperate need of a professional photographer. That is until the handsome Dean Stewart walks into her life, or rather, her business. He has a proposal she cannot refuse, and her heart tells her anything but to refuse.

20140130-092147.jpgIn Strange Company (Published NOVEL – Available on Amazon/Smashwords for US$2.99)

Blurb: Clare Peterson is rich, confident and beautiful; and she’s stuck on an icy cold mountain after an accident with three other survivors, a mute, a joker and a guy-next-door whose advances are anything but subtle. Will Clare’s ordeal with strangers lead to a cure for her loneliness, or perhaps even love? After all, she is stranded on a very cold mountain albeit with three handsome men.

(Several great reviews for ‘In Strange Company’ on and etc.)

Flight of the Phoenix: Bridgewater Inn… Random Chapter (Fantasy)

Flight of the Phoenix: Prologue (Fantasy)


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