Charming Mr Stewart: Download for free

Charming Mr Stewart: Download for free

For limited time, you are able to grab a complimentary copy of the novel, the whole thing and enjoy the read. 


When Elle packed her bags and left home with her child in tow, she was determined to live life with memories of her late husband, alone. As the once prominent wedding photographer re-kindles her business, it’s partially to keep herself far too busy for stupid little thing like love. By chance, when she meets a potentially special client it’s with sweaty palms and skipping beat that may have nothing to with a broken AC and above 30°C heat.
Taking on Mr Stewart as a client may not be strictly business, but will Elle battle all odds, a snobbish matriarch, and a woman hell bent on letting her know that Dean is off-limits unscathed? After all, falling in love with a client is not an option despite Dean’s attempt at every turn to steal what’s left of her healing heart.

Promotion ends 3rd December

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Book launched: Charming Mr Stewart

Hey hey hey, like promised, here is Charming Mr Stewart, now available for you to buy, read and love it this Valentine’s Day.

To all the lovers and dreamers out there, remember, everyone deserves to love and be loved, just like Elle Grace!

Grab you copy!

And goes without saying, thank you for the support. 


EBook cover Reveal ahead of book release

EBook cover Reveal ahead of book release

Absolutely delighted to share the ebook cover for ‘Charming Mr Stewart’ with you guys. A proud yet nerve wrecking moment for an author, any author. The cover courtesy of a friend of mine, Catherine Jane! So brilliant, I can’t stop smiling when I look at it. 

The book is releasing soon, and when I say soon, I mean most likely less than a day! Can’t wait to have it go live so you can grab a copy and get reading. I’d welcome reviews. Feedback always helps!

Stay tuned: will announce release once the ebook goes live!



Charming Mr Stewart 

What does a writer do in the course of a typical day you think. Well, I’d tell you, but I’m not quiet sure myself! Today, this unusually warm winter Sydney day, I went dress shopping with a friend to a town we both had never been to (Hail GPS for that!). Then meandered through a mall never before been to either, wearing heels mind you (ouch right there). Then killed a couple of hours for a film screening to begin by sitting in a darkish corner of a chocolate house (Max Brenner for those who know). I love those Crunchy waffle ball things they have, so had one of those and wiled away the minutes by reading things on Facebook and then Pinterest, then back to FB. Bored a little.

Before long I actually remembered I had bought a notebook to keep me entertained so finally, after my drink went cold and I had nothing else to do, I pulled the book out and mulled over a book blurb (in anticipation for my next release come Christmas!!!!!!). So I wanted to share this with you and maybe get your opinions. 
I’ve been mulling over a new title I wanted to try, and a new direction for the blurb. So here goes. Oh it’s a romantic genre for those interested. 

Charming Mr Stewart
When Ellenor Grace first meets the unrelenting Mr Stewart it was warning bells at first sight. Her palms sweat, her heart skips a beat, or maybe it was the heat of the day. Either way, the danger is present. Love. 

For someone who never wants to love again, it’s not an easy decision to make, to cover or not to cover the wedding of the year. Taking on the job is half her problem; her real problem is Mr Stewart who insists on being called Dean, his snobbish mother, and a woman hell bent on letting Elle know Dean is hers. If Elle wants to make it to the other end of it in one piece, she must keep her heart. Hard to do when Dean attempts to steal it every chance he gets. 

(Eeeee. How did it go? Come on, give me honest opinions. I’d like to make this as good as it can be. I hate writing blurbs!! Lol)

Next Book Review book found

I’ve read halfway through Cecelia Ahern’s Ps I love you.  However, due to circumstances I no longer remember and the fact that I had watched the film before reading, I never really finished the book. Thanks for the Memories will be my attempt at reading from start to finish a Cecelia Ahern book.

I don’t know when I’ll finish the book as I am currently working on my own novel due to be released, but either way, this will be my next book review. Looking forward to it! 


‘Becoming Scarlett’ by Ciara Geraghty: Book Review

‘Becoming Scarlett’ is not my first rodeo when it comes to reading Ciara Geraghty work. Previously, I’ve read ‘Saving Grace’, which I absolutely loved everything about. However, in saying that and in remaining true to an unbiased review, I did struggle to finish Scarlett. One of the main reason was that I simply couldn’t connect with the protagonist in any way. Felt a lot of barriers in trying to get over that fence.

So how did I find the book?

Story:  the story is from Scarlett’s POV. About this young woman who suddenly realizes she can’t hold onto any of her life plans. Should have been a topic most young adults can connect with, but with the main theme of unexpected pregnancy that weaves the story through, it felt like there were opportunities that weren’t made use of due to restrictive narration. The other characters from a reader POV were at regular intervals more interesting than the main. The whole story of Scarlett’s transformation from this anal individual to someone who is more lucid felt like a long trajectory that took its time to get to.

Structure:   main character POV. The story is divided into different time frames , some cover days, some weeks, with lots of huge jump in time. It covers a whole year in the life of Scarlett.

Ending: ending is strong but feels it could have been reached much earlier on in the work. 

Rating: 2.5/5 (I’m on the middle ground with this simply because I found myself skipping sentences  and sometimes paragraphs that felt didn’t move the story along).

Recommendation:for any one who loves reading pregnancy stories, about independent women, and in general, life putting its hands up, then this book is for you. Not every reader suits a book, nor a book suits every reader, so I leave this wide open for you to make you own decision about this particular book.

My next read: I have yet to pick a book out and probably won’t do another review till I publish my second book. So might be a couple of months for the next honest review.


Title to attract.

Coming away from another worship hosted by the Sydney Writer’s Festival today, I’ve come away with a piece of advice that’s sticking like glue. You have got to get the book title perfect. It is a tool. To advertise. To entice. To convince you to read that piece of writing. 

Thus, as I’m on the cusp of starting submission rounds for my second book, I’m obviously wondering if the current title is the best. I am a biased person, hence the worst person to decide this very important question.   

So, I’m reaching out to you, my fellow writers and reader. I need your help! If you’re a ChickLit reader/lover, would you help me choose a title?

Which of the following would you stop for and have a read of the blurb at least? Choose one, or your preference numbers. 

Title options:

1) Rule of thirds

2) Suddenly Single

3) Picture Perfect

4) The Wedding Photographer

5) Charming Grace

Thank you.