DIY Cover Art for book covers.

It’s the cover that make or breaks a book as much as the content of the book itself. For me, a well designed cover is the best hook, along with a well crafted blurb in the back of the book, sometimes found inside the front jacket of the book (absolutely annoying).

As an author who has previously self-published a book, I found trying to find the right person to do the kind of cover you want was fairly tricky, and so began my little tryst into cover designs for my own works. Essentially, I tend to do the initial layout/designs, and then get some one who is a bit more tech savvy to polish it up for me where possible.

I just thought today, I’d revisit all the cover designs I’ve dipped my fingers into, and so, below you’ll find all my ‘scribbles’ as it were. All I can say is that I try. 🙂

They are in the order of most recent to the oldest. What do you think?

the keeperFor the short fairytale inspired series I’ve been writing, inspired by ‘Beauty and the Beast;.

Trial - a million smiles for June copyFor a contemporary romance fiction I’ve been writing about an awkward writer who is terrible at romancing but tends to write bestsellers.

IMG_1963For my second novel, also a Chicklit/contemp romance. I’ve hoping to publish this next.

Prickly Humans - Book I - sample 1For a collection of poetry I’m compiling from all the poetry you’ll find on Papermashed.

20140130-092147.jpgFor my first novel, which I self-published late 2013 as both eBook (on Amazon, Smashwords etc) and also in print available through me in Australia.


Help me ‘blurb’, quick!

Ok, so you know I’ve been desperately trying to get the blurb right for the next book I’ll release. I haven’t gotten it perfect yet. Can i get some thought? Feedback. The good, the bad, and the desperately ugly?

Here goes nothing:

“Ellenor Grace is too young, and too devastated by the loss of her husband. Suddenly, alone and grieving with a two year old child, she can barely move on. Unwilling to chance love again, she up and leaves her only home. She heads for the sun-dried pastures of a country town with her child and enough emotional baggage to last a lifetime. She is content with fresh beginning and a return to her photography business. That is until a client walks into her life with a proposal she cannot refuse. Is Elle about to chance something more than her work?”

Cover experiement: A Million Smiles for June

Some of you have been eagerly following this story for quite some weeks. Just wanted to let you all know that I am starting to write the next chapter and will post it up as soon as I’m done writing it. But in the meantime, I’ve been playing around with cover layout/designs for my second novel, ‘Rule of Thirds’ and had so much fun that I couldn’t help but start cover layout/design for ‘A Million Smiles for June’.

Also, to make it easier to follow my book ventures (aka writing), I’ve opened up an account on, ( where I’ll be putting in my chapters as I go, so that it’s easier for you to follow the tales. See how I go anyway.

Anyway, this is just my first trial for A Million Smiles for June. What do you think? 😀

Trial - a million smiles for June copy

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