Cover Art experiments continue + Read novels free!

Hey hey, folks, So, I've been busy the last couple of days trying to get a grasp of Photoshop for the purpose of becoming my own concept artist. I revealed to you yesterday the cover design for a short story I'm experimenting with at the moment. Here it is again (*squeals* cause it turned out... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with cover art

Two words, cover art! If you are a writer and have dreamt of having your book published, then you've no doubt imagined what the cover will look like on your bestselling novel! We've all imagined it. No point in lying and playing coy. I've definitely done so. I'm equally guilty of going to a book... Continue Reading →

I recently bought a Wacom tablet, just so I could do trial covers, storyboard my scripts etc with ease and have the info straight onto a computer for easy sharing. This is my first time using the tablet against a concept drawing. Obviously I need to practice more. But either way, how does the design look?

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