Mary had a little lamb?

It's well known that fairytales and nursery rhymes we have heard and grown up with, which have no doubt shaped our love of stories and understanding of the world, they were based on teaching children about dangers of the world. Nowadays, of course, they are sugar coated. I like taking an idea commonly held sometimes... Continue Reading →


Got 20 minutes to spare, or are sitting on public transport and have the time on your hands, or are simply looking for entertainment and don't mind watching independently produced short films by indie filmmakers? Well, do I have the thing for you then?! One of my short films, The Legacy is currently running in... Continue Reading →

The Hunt Continues (Episode 2)

Watch it on YouTube now! The second episode for the original short film I made couple of years ago. Because the demand was there, we thought why not. Wonderful experience as our cast and crew and absolutely hilarious people.  If you enjoy comedy, watch, share and like.  The Hunt Continues Premise: they're grown children find... Continue Reading →

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