‘The Legacy’ Trailer released

The Legacy Trailer
My latest venture into filmmaking! Check it out. Watch it in a dark room with headphones on and be ready to let its hooks sink in.

A paranormal thriller like no other. We are a very excited bunch at the moment. Leave a comment if you loved it! 


The Hunt Continues (Episode 2)

The Hunt Continues (Episode 2)

Watch it on YouTube now! The second episode for the original short film I made couple of years ago. Because the demand was there, we thought why not. Wonderful experience as our cast and crew and absolutely hilarious people. 
If you enjoy comedy, watch, share and like. 
The Hunt Continues

Premise: they’re grown children find out their late mother was a millionaire and fight for the wealth in an unconventional way. 

‘Dhago’ shortfilm now on YouTube 

‘Dhago’ shortfilm now on YouTube 

Film: Dhago (The Thread)

A couple of years ago, I on whim pitched this tiny little idea I had for a film that could not be shot anywhere else but Nepal. The idea excited Nitesh Raj Pant (a veteran actor when it comes to Nepali industry) and his wife, and since they were both heading to Nepal, I was invited to come along and we’d make it. I pitched this story in November, and by December the same year, we were in Nepal working long hours in the day on pre-production and shoot, which was hard work but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

The movie, a 20min short based on local supernatural folktales is now available on YouTube for you to enjoy, English subtitles included. In celebration of Nepalese New Year yesterday, the film was released on the public platform. 

Watch, enjoy and share. 

My little film is showing somewhere!

My little film is showing somewhere!

As it turns out, this year is nearly at its speedy end. It’s later in October and we only have two months left to accomplish anything we set out to do this year. Where’s the time rewinding clock? If only Back to the Future was possible! Seems to be the week for it. At least that’s the buzz this week. 
There is however another little buzz in my life, the buzz of a short film I was involved in the making of finally hitting the silver screen across various Australian cities starting today. 

I’m nervous and curious, and excited and terrified all at the same time. What’s worse is that due to festivals and other commitments I am not there in the city of Perth observing the audience as they react to the film. As a writer-director, this tends to be the most nerve-wrecking moment. Not the countless hours preparing to shoot, nor the countless hours spent shooting it and cut it etc. No. It’s this, waiting for feedback. 

Can I fast forward a couple of hours to hear how the screening went? Haha. That would be something, wouldn’t it? 

Here’s the teaser for the film in case you would like to check it: Dhago (Nepali short film) 

I’ll report back to you tomorrow and let you know what the word is on the streets. Wish I could have been there, but alas, it’s still an exciting time! 

Vote for shortfilm needed! 

Ain’t asking for much

just a wee little moment, barely 5 minutes

there’s a new joke in town,

one made by a mother,

oh and does it so bother her brood

her 3 perfectly grow up brood.

You see she is gone, and all that’s left

well, it’s in the ‘Will’ no one cares to find,

and here’s the catch, that early sunny morning

the brood bored suddenly find

a million more reasons to climb,

whoever finds the will,

well, won’t life be sublime?!
So here’s a crumb, a little trail if you will

to lead you, oh so fine,

won’t you come on by and ‘see’

and more so give us what you will,

a tiny little ‘Vote’ for ‘The Usual Hunt‘ that’s does leave you wondering.

Who does win indeed? 

(Ps: thanks for voting for our little film in the #MyRODEReel competition.)