Big canvas- Bigger Subject!

First time attempting a painting almost the size of me! My subject? See if you can figure out who he is from below. 

(If you are Hindu, then it’s a dead giveaway! Or if you have travelled to Nepal, or India.)


I’ve been thinking of attempting his painting for a little while (little while being over a year or more). Sometimes unsure what composition I’d do, other times unsure what size canvas to attempt on. His energy isn’t something you can capture in a diminutive canvas and yesterday, for some reason I went for the biggest canvas I had. Comes to my shoulder it does! 

And I scanned and scanned reference pics to use but none spoke to me, and I attempted something I have never done before. Painting without a reference, just the canvas, paint and brush, and myself. The idea was to just lay down a blue wash. What I ended up with was the picture above. 
It’s not done obviously. Far from it, but I think the base turned out better than I had set out for! Lol. An artist friend of mine at Abecca’s Art told me to Pinterest ‘male abs’ for a reference. That will be a first too, having never painted humanly forms!
Excited to see how this work turns out. I already have ideas for next couple of works! 😀


Cover art progress and my blog in general


This is as far as I got today. The dress is filled out. I just have to add depth to it. Then there is the gaping grass and sky. After which, it will be safe to say the painting is ready and I better hustle with the final proofreading of the book. There are 29 chapters and I’m leisurely gotten to 12. 
The first image is the section I’ll probably use, and the second is the whole canvas, minus the black bits. What do you say? Good cover image so far? Striking? Would you pick it up out of others on an Amazon page? 


Also, on a completely off base, I’m about to rearrange and overhaul my blog. I think it needs a bit of sprucing and getting looked after. I’m not the most savvy blogger out here, so I’d really appreciate if any of you feel like sharing your best advice on what a blog needs and what it doesn’t etc, and if you have any advice on how to increase more traffic, I’ll be forever grateful! 


Ok, here’s the thing. This entire painting follows the psychology of colours that appeal to the female demographic, as well as being based around the theme of the book. It features the main protagonist in a symbolic way that represents her stance in life. The painting also depicts clues of where the story is based etc. 
How is she looking? 

Rule of Thirds, new novel, new art

I have started  a new painting specifically with the intention of using the image for my book cover for the next book. I wasn’t joking earlier when I said I will be releasing a new novel in the coming month or so. 
 It’s too wet still for me to continue painting in it tonight, but what do you think? 

‘The Usual Hunt’ a 3 min comedy that will leave you wanting more!


‘Art for Charity’ venture went really well. The exhibition was on Sunday, and two wonderful people bought my art in support of Oxfam. Hooray for that, because as an artist/writer I’m obviously not in a position to donate that amount out of pocket. 

These are the two pieces that sold: 

 And now, onto the next project I’ve secretly worked on the last month and a half. My first short comedy!
I made ‘The Usual Hunt‘ for the My RODE Reel competition which offers film gear for  winners. And won’t lie, I really want to win, at least the Public Choice category. So here is the link for you to watch the film on YouTube, and the voting gets activated for you within the next 24 hours.
Please watch the film. It’s only 3 min long, and it’s fun. I would really appreciate it if you guys could vote for it?

And tell me what you thought if the film! 🙂
Incase the link above doesn’t work, here is the URL:

Art for Charity ( Day something or other, I forgot)

The past couple of days have blended together as if paint on my canvases. I can’t tell which day of progress I’m on. I could go back on my posts and check, but it’s 1AM in the morning of countless 1AMs or later sessions of painting, so forgive me if I can’t recall my days. Lol
As you are aware (or not), I’m one of the 6 artists on show tomorrow for a fundraising event for Nepal Earthquake relief. There are no more paintings to be made, no more canvas to be primed, nor paint squeezed out of tubes to air dry as I slowly add stroke after stroke of paint. And no more varnish getting me whoosy and high! Not for a while yet anyway. 
At the end of this task, I have completed 4 entirely new pieces within a fortnight. By God, have I painted like I’ve never painted before! I have hardened soles of my feet, achy muscles on my back, fingers that are tired from gripping a brush days on end or twisting paint tube caps. 
It will all have been worth it in the end if, through my art, I can contribute however small, to getting some lives on their way back to normal in Nepal. 
If you are in Sydney, pop on down to Kogarah School of Arts tomorrow from 10AM to 1PM. I’ll be there with these colorful fiddles of mine! 


Art for Charity (Day 8)

Another aftershock since the initial earthquake almost two weeks ago rocked Nepal earlier today, almost just as strong as the initail quake. It’s definately not the best time for Nepal as the country has already suffered so much.
We can only pray and hope that this is the last of the massive quakes and that the country and it’s people can start to build their lives again. 
Earlier today, before the news, I had started a fourth painting able the third one was drying before the next step.
I can only hope that come 17th May, lots of people will turn up for the gold coin donation morning tea and art exhibition organised in order to raise funds for Nepal relief efforts through Oxfam. In case you are in the area and would like to come, please come to Kogarah School of Arts, Kogarah (in NSW, Australia).
70% of the proceeds from all my paintings will be going to support Oxfam in their efforts, needed now more than ever.